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Land Of Mills by FilipVecerek Land Of Mills :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 7 4 Castle by FilipVecerek Castle :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 9 0 Gneed hunter by FilipVecerek Gneed hunter :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 5 0 Character design first attempts by FilipVecerek Character design first attempts :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 3 2 Zeysulin by FilipVecerek Zeysulin :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 10 4 Early morning by FilipVecerek Early morning :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 8 3 Foundation-ish sci-fi by FilipVecerek Foundation-ish sci-fi :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 7 8 Speedpaint Toxic Tundra by FilipVecerek Speedpaint Toxic Tundra :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 16 0 Thumbnail Collection X4 by FilipVecerek Thumbnail Collection X4 :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 5 4 Rugemumis Zeys by FilipVecerek Rugemumis Zeys :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 3 0 Speedpaint again by FilipVecerek Speedpaint again :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 8 4 Hiker by FilipVecerek Hiker :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 10 0 Merchant and his two Zuti` s by FilipVecerek Merchant and his two Zuti` s :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 10 10 Hopeless by FilipVecerek Hopeless :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 6 3 Logistic nightmare by FilipVecerek Logistic nightmare :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 8 5 The fisherman by FilipVecerek The fisherman :iconfilipvecerek:FilipVecerek 5 0


Goblin Shaman by Emiljart Goblin Shaman :iconemiljart:Emiljart 89 2 Skaven Shooter by Emiljart Skaven Shooter :iconemiljart:Emiljart 91 3 Skaven Globadier by Emiljart Skaven Globadier :iconemiljart:Emiljart 200 4 Night Lords Commission by DarkMechanic Night Lords Commission :icondarkmechanic:DarkMechanic 45 1 Salamander Vigilator by DarkMechanic Salamander Vigilator :icondarkmechanic:DarkMechanic 113 10 Blood Angels Master of Signal by DarkMechanic Blood Angels Master of Signal :icondarkmechanic:DarkMechanic 138 11 Fallen Agents Comic Cover by DarkMechanic Fallen Agents Comic Cover :icondarkmechanic:DarkMechanic 38 2 Fallen Agents - The Marksman by DarkMechanic Fallen Agents - The Marksman :icondarkmechanic:DarkMechanic 33 5 Commissions: OPEN! by GlacierDragon Commissions: OPEN! :iconglacierdragon:GlacierDragon 14 3 Moths (Commission) by GlacierDragon Moths (Commission) :iconglacierdragon:GlacierDragon 17 8 Dragon Has Wares (OPEN ADOPT) by GlacierDragon Dragon Has Wares (OPEN ADOPT) :iconglacierdragon:GlacierDragon 46 10 Paradise Wyvern (OPEN) by GlacierDragon Paradise Wyvern (OPEN) :iconglacierdragon:GlacierDragon 39 11 Real Muthafuckin G by SuperNinjaNub Real Muthafuckin G :iconsuperninjanub:SuperNinjaNub 124 6 Beyond Human - Rogue by Mr--Einikis Beyond Human - Rogue :iconmr--einikis:Mr--Einikis 87 12 Beyond Human - Smuggler by Mr--Einikis Beyond Human - Smuggler :iconmr--einikis:Mr--Einikis 106 11 Beyond Human - Archivist by Mr--Einikis Beyond Human - Archivist :iconmr--einikis:Mr--Einikis 96 12


Land Of Mills
Farmlands of Southern Neysnead are dominated by small hills and farms harnessing power of strong winds blowing from the sea across the plain.
Gneed hunter
Idea was to draw a character from my fantasy world. Gneeds are animals similar to rats here on earth, there are just small differences in physionomy. This hunters profit especially in slums of every major city in Eleenead as their prey is a great cheap source of nutrients for the poorest and great way to make good money for the less fortunate ones. Typical for a guild of gneed hunters is their custom to paint their limbs with very dark colors, thus they are less visible in darkness. oh and I cannot decide which version I like more...either black and white or colored
Character design first attempts
These are the three of the characters I did lately, I am really new to this, did some fatal mistakes but hey, who did not on the start of his journey? :D
Foundation-ish sci-fi
I was just playing with landscape, experimenting with colors, and suddenly, came an idea to draw a crashed spaceship, and then some random city in the background...and the final product reminded me of I.Asimov`s Foundation somehow...since this place looks like super rescource poor too :D
Rugemumis Zeys
One of the larger Saliulusian settlements, that are spread throughout the region of Eleenead. These people usually create much smaller communities, rather then group up into villages or cities.


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Filip Vecerek
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I am a dreamer, I draw my fantasy worlds, in my very own style, all of the things I will post are my ideas, though as everyone else here I got inspired by many great artists throughout my life.


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pin100 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! :D I appreciate it!  
FilipVecerek Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem, your art is beautiful 
lixlat Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank's for watching!
FilipVecerek Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem, cool work
Kimmie1997 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! :hug:
I love your art, it has such a nice atmosphere, keep it up! :la:
FilipVecerek Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello and Thanks for the watch and nice words which one does not here in this hateful times. I did a bit of stalking (read biografy) and I can`t help but ask...what kind of book are you writing? I am writing one myself therefore I`d love to know more, perhaps get some good (or besserer :P ) advice or share some if possible.
Kimmie1997 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome and no problem, being friendly is important for me :) (As long nobody gets unfriendly to me, then there is the hell on keyboard ;))

Cool that you have stalked the bio and you moooooonter, the "besserer" kills me XD
I am writing a (little bit) fantasy book in the medieval time :)
Here is a link to a translated excerpt (with bad English grammar, sorry XD) :)

You really write one, too? Which kind of book do you write and what is it about? :)
Sure, I really like to help :)
FilipVecerek Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I read it and I really like it. I saw a loads of gamers` vocab there, and also influence of the modern day narrating techniques used in gaming industry. Is it some sort of a different planet or is it more of an alternative-ish kind of a timeline? Don`t worry about grammar, your english is far far far better than my German, Ja, da kann ich auch etwas in Deutsch schreiben aber es werde nicht so gut wie in Enhgisch :D. I would love to read more, even in German, I wouldn` t mind. Btw I would highly recommend you to listen to audiobooks like this one it helps to get used to logic of the language and growing vocabulary.

Yeah I write one  (so far). Its what I call a gray-fantasy. It is fantasy in terms of environment and the overall setting...its made up with usage of fantasy so duhh but it does not contain any of those typical elements present in fantasy ie magic, wizzards, orcs, goblins, dragons, elfs, dwarves, gnoms, runes, gods, etc. I have created a unique setting, custom races, language, storyline, pretty much everything...I have it all in pdf which I upload every now and then. Oh and I am writing it in English as a default and than my amazing editor from South Africa edits it. I can send you what I have over email if you want to.
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obsidiancladfox Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
I absolutely love your landscapes! So magical! (:
FilipVecerek Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for all the favs and nice words!
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